BNSF utilizes advanced technology to improve safety and enhance efficiency across our railroad.  BNSF deploys more than 4,000 wayside detectors across our network that work in conjunction with our sophisticated predictive analytics tools to evaluate and act upon vast amounts of data, making our operations safer and more efficient. These systems can identify potential safety issues – such as high-impact wheels, overheated bearings and damaged or worn components – in equipment in motion, day or night, rain or shine.

The wayside detectors generate more than 35 million equipment readings per day, producing massive amounts of data. By accessing our sophisticated data and predictive analytics capabilities, BNSF can create alerts, which help us proactively identify poorly performing equipment for preventive maintenance before it may lead to a service interruption or incident.

BNSF’s Network Operations Center (NOC) evaluates and acts on data to improve safety and enhance efficiency.