BNSF Railway is proud to be a leader in the rail industry for the protection of our air, land, and water. Joined by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, we sponsored an environmental emergency preparedness training day. During the event, first responders were taught how to contain marine spills. In attendance were Boundary County firefighters, Search and Rescue teams, and local law enforcement who received hands-on experience on how to deploy collection booms. Booms are temporary floating barriers that help protect natural resources during a chemical or oil spill. First responders practiced deploying booms on the Kootenai River. In an emergency, booms would help prevent spills from moving downriver. First responders also learned about the river’s current and its resources that should be protected during a spillage emergency. At BNSF, we work hand-in-hand with first responders across the network, relying on their incredible skills and swift response to maintain our commitment to safety.

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