BNSF customers and local economic development organizations invested $1.2 billion in new or expanded facilities network-wide in 2015.

Agricultural facilities have seen significant investments in Washington state. BNSF partnered with Preferred Freezer Service in Richland, owners of the largest new temperature controlled warehouse in North America, to help distribute frozen potato products. The new warehouse generated over 100 new jobs in the area.

With BNSF’s experience and expertise, we work with communities to bring businesses and jobs to locations where our network operates.

Colby Tanner Assistant vice president, economic development, BNSF

BNSF economic development teams work with businesses to evaluate appropriate rail infrastructure. When a business has access to rail, it enables flexible, high-capacity transportation that attracts more business development and job creation.

Since 2011, customers and economic development organizations have invested over $1 billion each year to create new jobs and business opportunities through rail infrastructure.

Read the BNSF news release announcing 2015 economic development results.