snowWell before winter arrives, BNSF evaluates its winter action plans to ensure that resources and procedures are in place to address extreme weather conditions. During this process, teams examine their current procedures, priorities and responsibilities to determine whether adjustments are needed based on past experience and each division’s unique climate. As of today, all 10 of BNSF’s operating divisions have reviewed their winter action plans.

BNSF’s winter preparations include:

  • Training employees to work safely in extreme cold temperatures
  • Activating 24×7 command centers where key personnel coordinate the safe and efficient movement of freight in extreme weather conditions
  • Activating Mechanical and Engineering Rapid Responders across BNSF’s network who are solely devoted to resolving service interruptions
  • Setting procedures for crew transport
  • Taking inventory of, testing and positioning snow removal equipment and supplies, including salt and emergency generators
  • Adjusting train size and speed to operate safely and efficiently in extreme weather conditions
  • Preparing locomotives for winter weather by stabilizing their operating temperatures by transferring more heat to engines to prevent freezing
  • Additional switch heaters at key locations, bringing total count to nearly 3,000 to ensure remote controlled rail switches do not freeze
  • Air dryers installed on all new locomotives to help prevent freezing brake lines

No matter how inclement the weather is this winter, BNSF is doing everything it can to be prepared when challenges come our way to ensure freight is moved reliably, safely and efficiently.