The Association of American Railroads launched a campaign to inform the public about the huge benefits freight rail has on our lives and economy.

Here are 8 unbelievable facts about America’s freight railroads:

  • 60 football fields: The length of the longest freight train in American history
  • 4 American time zones: First established by freight railroads in 1883
  • 107.3 billion pounds of steel: The amount of steel contained in America’s freight rail network
  • 6,667 Eiffel Towers: Could be built with all that steel
  • 489.4 million railroad ties: The number of railroad ties maintained by Class I freight railroads
  • 5.6 trips around the Earth: The length of America’s freight rail network laid end-to-end
  • 473 miles: How far a freight train can move a ton of freight on one gallon of fuel
  • 75 percent: The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions achieved by moving freight by rail instead of truck
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