Turning used restaurant cooking oil and other organic waste into fuel may just be the modern equivalent of turning lemons into lemonade. Recognizing the benefits of these materials, BNSF is actively involved in the biofuels industry, including transporting unconventional feedstocks that are increasingly recognized for their role in sustainable energy production. It’s a business that’s expected to expand—the global demand for biofuels is estimated to grow by nearly 20 percent in the next five years.

BNSF has been a key player in moving renewables, including ethanol and renewable diesel, for years, and recently collaborated with Calumet/Montana Renewables to transport the company’s sustainable aviation fuel. BNSF facilitates the movement of the fuel from Great Falls, Montana, to Portland, Oregon, and further down the West Coast for consumption.

BNSF also collaborates with industry partners, such as Marathon Petroleum Corp., to develop solutions for renewable diesel, including the first-ever unit train for transporting renewable diesel from North Dakota to market. Transportation service plans are in the works to improve efficiency and reduce transit times for customers. Regardless of the fuel type, BNSF emphasizes partnerships and collaboration to accelerate the growth of the biofuels industry for a cleaner energy future.

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