BNSF recently completed a “float out, float in” bridge replacement project to install a new bridge on the Fallbridge Subdivision in Home Valley, WA. This innovative process has only been completed a few times and required extensive coordination and planning throughout a three-year process.

The new bridge—a 260-foot through truss—was erected on a barge in Portland, OR. From Portland, the bridge traveled through a

handful of notable and challenging locations: east on the Columbia River and into the Columbia River Gorge, through the North Bonneville Lock and Dam, under the Bridge of the Gods and eventually raised approximately 30 feet from the barge to its final location in Home Valley. Overall, the bridge’s journey took 24 hours.

The “float out, float in” approach has a smaller environmental footprint than other bridge building processes, limiting the impact on marine life and fishermen in the area. The project is another example of BNSF’s commitment to safety by ensuring reliable infrastructure. To watch the bridge’s journey, visit