BNSF is taking significant steps to improve the automotive supply chain to meet rising demands for vehicles, even amid record-low production of components like semiconductor chips. We’re doing our part to help put the national supply chain back on track by working with car manufacturers to optimize operations.

“Manufacturing is back, and manufacturers are not going to stop making vehicles,” BNSF’s Tom Williams, Group Vice President of Consumer Products, said. “We have a collective supply chain. No matter who we are in that chain, whether we’re a railroad, manufacturer, or other, we all have a role to play in getting those vehicles to consumers.”

We at BNSF value our automotive customers and have a history of innovation in the automotive service. Collaborating with The Greenbrier Company and Honda Motor Company, BNSF pioneered the development of tri-level Auto-Max railcars, enhancing capacity compared to traditional cars. With these efforts, we have achieved a 14% improvement in automotive velocity and continue to make progress in handling record volumes of shipments.

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